This apprenticeship trains you to play an important support role within a business or organisation.

Training opportunities

Administrators handle the day-to-day tasks in an office and make sure things run smoothly. This sort of work requires a strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and attention to detail.

This covers roles that involve organising people and resources such as:

  • executive assistants
  • secretaries
  • administration assistants
  • data entry clerks
  • office juniors

As a business and administration apprentice, your exact duties will depend on your employer but could include:

  • typing up board meeting documents
  • putting financial information together in spreadsheets
  • sending the daily post
  • faxing and photocopying confidential document

Types of apprenticeship

There are 3 types of business and administration apprenticeships.

  • Intermediate level apprenticeship
  • Advanced level apprenticeship
  • Higher apprenticeship

You can become an apprentice in England if you’re:16 or over
eligible to work in England and not in full-time education