Conflict Management

This conflict management training course is designed to help both employers and workers understand how to prevent, deal with and report confrontation in the workplace.

The course explains the different types of workplace conflict, including the four main categories of assault, and how to recognise potential signs. There is information on the UK health and safety laws in regards to criminal behaviour, violence and self-defence.

This conflict management course also highlights how to undertake and implement a conflict management risk assessment and gives tips to managers and team leaders on how to deal with confrontation amongst their colleagues.

Award for Personal Licence Holders

You or a member of your staff must hold a personal licence if you sell alcohol from licensed premises, so that every sale or supply of alcohol is authorised by a personal licence holder.

This qualification is aimed at anyone who wishes to work in licensed premises where alcohol is sold. You will look at licensing authorities; at the responsibilities of the personal license holder; police powers; rights of entry; specific prohibitions; strengths of alcoholic drinks; responsible retail of alcohol; and the protection of children from harm.

On completion of this course, candidates will hold a licensing qualification with which they can apply for the Personal Licence.