Professional Competence qualifications give learners the opportunity to:

  • engage in learning which is relevant to them and will provide
  • opportunities to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills
  • and attributes essential for successful performance in working life
  • gain knowledge, understanding and skills they need to prepare for employment
  • gain a nationally recognised vocationally specific qualification to enter employment in the IT sector or to progress to higher education vocational qualifications
  • develop functional skills and personal learning and thinking skills essential for successful performance in working life
  • certificate smaller blocks of learning which are designed to motivate them and encourage widening participation in education and training.

What are the potential job roles for those working towards these qualifications?

  • Business Analyst
  • Computer Games Designer
  • Computer Games Technical Support person
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer Service Technician
  • Internet/Web Professional
  • IT Product Developer
  • IT Technical Sales Specialist
  • IT Trainer
  • Telecommunications Technician